Back to the Future

I’m happy to say that I’m back in the lower-48 after spending a fantastic summer in Alaska and taking an almost month-long road trip through Alaska, the Yukon Territory, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado. We’ve settled into our new lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, and I’m most excited about having reliable internet and cell phone service again.

I keep describing Alaska as 1996 to people, and it’s not too far from the truth. The cell phone service is very limited, our home internet came out of a cellular MiFi device (remember those?), and shipping anything took two weeks. Oh, and there’s still a working Blockbuster Video in the town where we lived.

Being in Fort Collins feels a little like returning to reality, but a good reality with a nice Target and lots of good restaurants. I’m having a little trouble getting my feet wet here, but I’m planning to start joining some networking groups next week and have a few events on the calendar. It helps that my parents are only about 90 minutes away in a South Denver suburb.

As for my future, I’m still working for private clients over at Jonas Digital (accepting new clients now!) and am considering taking on a part- or full-time position at a company here in Fort Collins, if I can find something that is a good fit for me.

Adventure Kitty survived his trip to Alaska and back and is happy in our new home. I am woefully behind in blogging our adventure over at Last One Up, but I’m planning to take this chance to work on getting caught up with our stories from the summer as late fall sets in over the Rocky Mountains and days get too short for after work adventures.

Here’s to a new adventure!