HINGE Magazine

December 9, 2011

A tablet-first men’s magazine brand with a historical flair



Northwestern News 21

One size does not fit all

August 26, 2011

With school systems around the country touting choice as the answer to all their ills, we set out to find just how easy it was for parents to choose a school for their children



Medill News Service

Chicago customers brave the cold for hot new Verizon iPhone

February 10, 2011

On the coldest day of the winter, more than a dozen people stood in line at the Lincoln Park Verizon Wireless store to be one of the first to get the newest Apple product, the Verizon iPhone.

Investors back Groupon with a $950 million infusion

January 11, 2011

Groupon issues a news release stating company raises “like a billion dollars” in latest venture capital round.

2011: The year of the tablet (again?)

March 1, 2011

With the impending release of the iPad 2, as well as the introduction of several competitors to Apple’s omnipresent tablet, will 2011 prove to be the year that tablet computing really takes off?

Mobile app developer makes the cash flow

February 1, 2011

Downers Grove-based KeyLimeTie has produced several successful apps, including an unlikely hit in the Lava Lamp app.

Realtors cautious, optimistic about existing home sales

January 20, 2011

Existing home sales crept slowly back towards their December 2009 levels after suffering throughout 2010.

Additional Medill News Service Articles: Medill News Service

Roger’s Park Reporting

For 10 weeks in the fall of 2010, our reporting class focused on the Roger’s Park neighborhood of Chicago

Regional Transportation Authority study: Free senior rides unsustainable

November 2, 2010

Free senior rides are costing the city’s transportation system $37 million a year, according to a study to be released next week from the University of Chicago.

Red Line rehab: Lessons from the Brown Line

December 3, 2010

Earlier this year, the CTA completed a feasibility study on how to improve the Red and Purple lines from Belmont to Linden. The project would make every station more accessible to people with disabilities and replace more than nine miles of track. The CTA completed a similar project on the Brown Line earlier this year.

Sprucing Up Sheridan

November 17, 2010

Could bike lanes be coming to Sheridan Road? A designated lane for cyclists is just one of the recommendations from a taskforce working to improve the shopping district, appearance, and walk-ability of the 1.5 mile stretch that runs through Rogers Park.